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June 29, 2011



June 25, 2011

Team member Lisa Vaccaro gets interviewed by Primonumero, an online news site based in Termoli, Molise.  Check out the video for the English interview with Italian subtitles!


June 24, 2011


Making the News

June 20, 2011


I was able to visit a local newspaper (Corriere Adriatico) today in Ancona and while learning more about the paper, I noticed an article that mentioned our visit to Italy!  We were in Urbino at the time of a Rotary concert/event and we were mentioned.  We are finding that Rotary is a wonderful network here in Italy.  Va bene!



Updates on the go…

June 20, 2011

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Destination: Umbria

June 8, 2011

Buona sera,

Here are a few pictures of more lovely rotarians.  More to come…

[posted by Lisa]

A bit delayed…Arriving in Italy

June 6, 2011

Bon Giorno Everyone,

My name is Hardley Dupont and I am a proud member of the GSE team discovering Italy representing District 7250. I and other members of team will contribute periodically to this blog.

On 5/28 we flew to London Heathrow airport and got a connecting flight to Rome. We left Newark at 11pm and reached Rome on 5/29 at 4pm. After we cleared security in Heathrow, we were trying to figure out which was our gate when a young Indian gentleman asked us to take a picture of him. Of course us being world class humanitarians, we happily obliged. Our fearless team leader, Vicki or Momma V, noticed his Rotarian pin attached on the lapel of his jacket and inquired if he was indeed a Rotarian. Not only was he a Rotarian, but he actually was last year’s GSE team leader to visit South Africa! His name was Murali, and he was just returning from the Rotary International conference held in New Orleans…what a small world!

On the connecting flight to Rome I sat next to a young Nigerian woman named Lillian. We had a great insightful conversation, freely providing information about our perspectives on social and cultural issues, for no other purpose but to have a stimulating conversation with a complete stranger. One essential benefit of traveling and interacting with people from a different country is the opportunity to make a basic primal connection with a complete stranger simply through exchanging words…and the occasional laughs. Yes, I never plan on meeting Lillian again, but our temporary exchange will have a permanent impact on my perspective of Nigerian women.

The welcoming party in Rome had one familiar face who was gracious enough to facilitate our every request our first day. We met Angelo while he was visiting New York with the GSE team from Italy. We were also greeted warmly by the distinguished couple of Bassilio and Esther, and Daniella who acted as our translator. The welcoming party is from the region of Molise, which is 3 hours south of Rome. Due to traffic we didn’t reach Molise until 10pm.

Upon Arrival in Molise, we were received graciously in a beautiful quite village of Larino. The Larino Rotary club president, Paulo, and the Governor of the district, Antonio, along with other club members joined us in a wonderful evening meal at a local restaurant.

Everyone is so warm and kind, I look forward to discovering more of what the people of Molise has to offer.

-Swag Out-

Verde Italia